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Being a Network and Datacentre engineer for many years now, I know what is needed on both the Hardware and Software side of IT infrastrusture. However most of us forget the passive side of things, such as the Power cables,Cabinet and cooling of it etc.

It is all very well spending hundreds of hours on the latest Routers, Blade Servers and NAS devices but all these need a safe and secure place to be housed. Often, the expensive kit is purchased first of all and then, often as a rush, then the enclosure is purchased. Normally then the IT manager pays a heavy premium for this initial oversight.

Think carefully on what you plan to do with your active devices, but as a rule of thumb you should consider with Startech cabinets the following;

  • Size of the cabinet
    - Aim to get enough vertical U – Height that it will take any future expansion of your Network (such as more Switches, UPS etc) Even the highest size of 45U fit to most of rooms.
  • Cabinet width and depth
    - All Startech cabinets have the 19’’ wide rails which is an industry standard. W=600mm x D=600 mm allows you to accomodate the general switches and Telco products, where you could go to W=600mm x D=800mm if your devices need. However if the infrastructure carry mass cable and patching of those, W=800mm segment could be proper for handling the mass cable inside the cabinet with integrated vertical cable managers at both sides of 19’’ rails.
  • What about Servers, NAS or SAN?
    - The rule of thumb here is always to go with a Server cabinet which available in Startech as STAmax Series Server cabinets. W=600 D=1000mm. These cabinets can accomodate the servers, by having 1000mm depth in enclosure, and provides better ventilation possibility to your servers.
  • What server do you have?
    - Generally this does not matter, as the Startech STAmax series Server Cabinets are universal and multi-vendor style, which any brand server should fit physically.
  • Keeping it cool
    - Never forget the cooling for your active devices. They get hot and many servers will shut down if they get too hot! Always add a roof-mounted Fan Tray to your cabinet.
  • Anything else I need to order?
    - Depending on your installation, you might need, Power Stripes which are various styles and capacities, as well Caster sets, Fixing Hardware, Shelves etc. All Startech Free Standing Stamic segment comes with Leveling feet. All Startech Free Standing STAmax Series Server segment comes with Leveling feet + Caster set included. While selecting those accesorries follow the compatible with charts available on right side of each accessory chart.

A very wide selection possibility from Startech cabinet models, allows you to find a proper housing for your IT equipments anyway. Various wides, depths, and heights are offered for your selection.

At the end of the day a well choosen cabinet will not only look good, add security, make it easier to maintain the equipment but also increase the lifespan of your devices, so saving you money.

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