IT Products

Nowadays, with the increasing development of IT industry in the world, we also want to have a share in this nascent industry. STARTECH Company in 2013, started his career in this field, with the overall policy is based on the following principles:

The company has specialists in IT, software developers, technical staff and consultants, who have the academic qualifications and specialized knowledge and experience of 18 years. So we try to implement the general policies of the company that are always top quality service is our responsibility.

Capabilities of the company according to the above principles can be described this way:

  • Consulting and monitoring in various fields such as:
  1. Design and offering suitable solutions for types of computer networks called LAN
  2. Design and offering solutions for wireless networks
  3. Website design and Implementation with English and Turkish database
  • Design, monitoring and configuration of computer networks
  1. Various stages of designing the topology and structure of the networks 
  2. Installation and monitoring hardware and software needed to create a variety of wireless and cabling networks
  3. Information security of Networks, especially the Internet are among the tasks of the IT professionals.
  • Presenting new projects in Networking

The company has a long experience in the field of computer networks; aims to provide a new design in today's world have contributed to the field of IT. So that will be the appropriate solution to avoid wasting time of IT managers and technicians. In this way, the company has research and design began. After attainment of the research, production will begin.

  • Analysis, design and implementation of software applications

Our programmers in the analysis, design and implementation of various automation, databases and specialized software as well as the design and implementation of web-based pages are always ready for service

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