Basic PDU Rack 19"

STARTECH BT has various models of PDU. These models have different type of outlets, plugs and cables which can meet many of customer requirements.
Also because of modular design, startech PDU’s do not occupy extra unit space in the cabinet.
Length of PDU’s are from 1 unit (horizontal) to 47 Unit (vertical).

Modular design
Various types of outlets, plugs and cables
Many requirable options.
Startech PDU’s do not occupy extra U space in the cabinet by help of 1U frame design*
Length of the PDU’s range from 1U to 47U.
* some models excluded

PDU Features:
• Outlet quantities varying from 3 to 42
• Aluminium frame
• Outlet types: Schuko, UPS, C13, C19, BS1363
• Plug types: Euro, IEC320 C14, IEC320 C20 ,BS1363, IEC309

• On-off switch, Circuit Breaker, Thermal switch, Current meter, Surge protection, Line filter Cable types
• 3×1 mm², 3×1,5 mm², 3×2,5 mm², 3×4 mm², 3×6 mm², 5×2,5 mm², 5x4 mm², 5x6 mm²

Guaranty 1 Years Basic PDU Rack 19"


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